If you’re here, it may be because you were curious about the beautifully blue town that’s on my Instagram feed (if not, check it out here). I’m always on the look out for interesting angles on familiar places and a road trip in Morocco would certainly tick those boxes. And the best way to see this town and more of what beautiful Morocco has to offer, would be on a road trip.

You may not consider Morocco to be the best place for a self drive holiday. From all accounts, it’s something to be done only if you’re a confident driver (think very windy roads, differing views on road safety and hire cars that might not be quite up to the job).

But travelling under your own steam would mean that you could explore the path less beaten in your own time and at your own pace – away from the tour groups and the masses.

Chefchaouen, aka the blue town is up in the north, is almost in the tip of the country pointing toward Gibraltar.

The town used to be a popular hippy hang out due to the abundance of kif (🍀 ⛔️) that grows in the mountains around it .

It used to be painted green, (the colour of Islam), but in the 1930’s the Jewish population increased and it was painted blue (the colour of heaven) and it’s stayed that way ever since.

If you set off from Tangier, your route would take you through Chefchaouen, before heading toward Fez, often called Morocco’s cultural capital. From here it would be a day or two of driving to get to Erg Chebbi, a town on the edge of the Sahara dunes and well worth some time, at least to experience some life changing sunsets and camel rides in the desert. Finish off in Marrakesh for a well deserved break although I think you’d be better off getting rid of the car there, the roads in the city are not for the faint hearted!
To do the trip justice, you’d need to allow ten days of driving, with a few days at either end to sort things out (in Tangier) and then relax in Marrakesh.

It might not be something that you’ve considered before – it might not even sound like much of a holiday – but what an adventure it would be!

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