Findaway Travels is not necessarily a service that you have come across before, so I thought it would be useful to outline some of the queries I imagine you’d have, before making contact with me.

First and foremost, I am not a travel agent. I am not able to book flights, I do not have a hotline to resorts, I am not ABTA registered, I do not own a Travel Counseler franchise.

What I am, is someone who enjoys the time consuming and often overwhelming research that finding a perfect holiday ultimately involves. My speciality is getting slightly off the beaten track, going for views, unusal accomodation and with an emphasis on sustainable and ethical travel over all-inclusive or package holidays.

I have two kids myself, so I understand the intricacies and detail needed to make family holiday work with children, but equally I have travelled a lot without kids, so also understand if there is a need for an adults-only environment.

See below for some answers, but if you have any questions I haven’t covered, please drop me an email on – I am more than happy to have a chat before you need to make any decision about signing up for one of the packages – see here for pricing details


Do I need to pay before the phone consultation?

If you have general questions about the services I provide, I would be delighted to have an informal chat with you before you need to make any commitment

What happens after you have given us the different options?

I would be assuming that you’d be in a position to book quite soon after I’d delivered your options – part of the package would be making sure there is availabilty at the different accomodation options for example, at the time of my enquiries. Often, the places that I would be looking at are small and boutiquey so you probably would need to act quite fast in order to secure a spot in the sun. I can help with this though, you wont be on your own.

Have you been to all the places you want to send us too?

Not IRL – but believe me, if I recommend them to clients, it’s because I have done as much background work as possible and I think they would be a good fit. I’m spreading my wings in the social media travel community and it’s a lovely place to be – people are really keen to share knowledge and stories and keep people travelling. So you can be rest assured that I will have gleaned as much information as possible for you, about the places that I put on your option list.

What if none of the options you present to me, are what I’m after?

This would of course be really unfortunate – but it’s a feasible scenario. It’s best if you consider me someone who can give you inspiration as to where to go, with a huge amount more detail than just perusing the normal sites and social media profiles. I would really hope that you book a holiday off the back of what I present, but if not, at the very least I would hope that I have offered you more options and more ideas than you had in the first place.

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