Weekend trip


I will work out all the finer points of your trip away, from the best transport, accommodations to suit your needs, with options, ideas about what to do and where to go (and where to eat!) with it all seamlessly working together, meaning you just get to enjoy the anticipation of your precious time away.

One stop holiday


You tell me the country of your choice and I do the rest – how to get there, which form of transport to use, with different options of accommodations. I will provide you with an itinerary which outlines all the steps, taking all the stress out of the research and planning.

This is also the option to go for if there is a group of you looking to go away for the weekend or a holiday but need help finding the best accommodation for your budget & needs.

Multistop holiday


Are you unsure where to go and how to get there? This one is for you – I will offer suggestions of different places, and outline all the detail – how to get there, where to stay, transport once you’re there, working out all the timings and taking all your needs into account.

I pledge to donate 10% of every fee to different charities which support the Black Lives Matter movement on a national level such as stophateuk As a charity they aim to challenge any form of hate or discrimination based on an individuals identity.

Kirsty, London

We gave Hannah a brief and it was such a relief to hand the research element over to someone else – she came back with some really interesting options that we simply wouldn’t have thought of ourselves – it allowed us to enjoy the holiday planning process all over again


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