What is Findaway Travels?

I am a holiday inspiration, ideas, research, and itinerary service. I find the best destinations and accommodation for your needs and wants. I specialise in getting off the beaten track, allowing you to enjoy the anticipation of the holiday, rather than worry about the organisation of it. Consider me a mid way point between a travel agent and a DIY holiday.

How does it work?

You tell me what you want and I find it for you. It really is that simple. I may also suggest something that you haven’t thought of yourself, be that a different type of accommodation that you’re used to, or even a destination that you didn’t think possible.

How much does it cost?

My prices start at £200 for an itinerary or £150 for a accommodation search. Have a look here for more information. If these don’t work for you for whatever reason, we can go totally bespoke – it’s up to you!

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